vrijdag 9 november 2018

Anna is looking for a puppy...

Want to be my dog?

I am looking for a submissive companion who will play my dog...

This means in SL:
-you wear the Red Romora avatar with Jack Russell mod (I will buy it for you)
-you don't talk in local chat but do your utter most best to emote and use the HUD to bark, sit and do all
the cute things puppies do to make me smile and swoon at least twice in an hour
-when I am not online you often spend time at the Fapple store, bark at my customers, entertain them with
lots of cuteness
-your fetish is to be a dog and to lay at my feet or on my lap and be quiet while I work
-you live in my sim and have access to everything
-you will never ever say, rp or even think something sexual while being my dog (I instantly drown and ban you), this means around me but also in other places being a dog.
-at times you will wear a human avatar to help me with avsitter stuff for my furniture making
-at times you will be a piece of furniture
-you try your best to please me and I will give some training but it does not mean I am going to entertain
you when you try to be a brat, you are a good puppy, if not I kick you out.

-you can be an alt, so you can be someone, something else when I am offline or too busy

This means in rl:
-male (can be straight or gay), preferably older
-you are not needy, you have a stable personality and no disorders that could become a problem being my dog
-you are not looking for sex in SL
-you are smart and can hold intelligent conversations about politics, science, history, books, news etc when I am in the mood to talk with you ooc in ims or in voice
-you are a loyal friend and you keep our conversations and my business stuff for yourself

What is in it for you?


Well, you gonna be the most loved and spoiled puppy in the world ♥

(1 month trial then official collaring)

Write a few sentences in a notecard why you would be my perfect dog and drop it on my profile...

maandag 5 november 2018

This week Fapple Giveaway: The Murderous Mermaid Bathroom

Once upon a time there was a mermaid with a strange tendency... want to find out? Go to the Fapple FB Page and Comment with your SL name, Like & Share and win this 31 piece perfect mesh bathroom in copy/mod version! Perhaps this Friday you are one of the 3 lucky ones hanging... I mean laying in this pretty bath tub!
Go here for detailed description of the bathroom ♥

zondag 21 oktober 2018

The Love Connection, another set... Kawaii

I made another texture set for The Love Connection Collar and Leash Holder: Kawaii ♥
Available at the Fapple store and on Marketplace 

maandag 1 oktober 2018

By popular demand: the kitty bed ♥

Some time ago I made the cute doggy beds which are loved by many (ty ♥) and may of you asked me, make a cat bed, kitty bed, or change the textures so it works for cats too.
I decided to alter the doggy bed a bit, remove the doggy toy and bone and add a little mouse and a ball of yarn and made some similarly cute textures.
The bed is high quality LOD mesh and texturing (hud included) and has a LI of 4 to 14 depending on the size you make it.
There are two versions in the package: one human size kitten bed that has AVsitter menu with cute kitty animations and a version with no animations to use for small cat avatars or mesh pets.
The bed is modify so you can make it fit for every kitten ♥
The kitty bed is available in the Fapple store or on Fapple Marketplace

donderdag 27 september 2018

Halloween at Fapple ♥!!

Now for sale at Fapple store: A Halloween set that you can keep after Halloween because the decoration works through out the whole year. The set is modify and copy and holds:
-the mantelpiece with mirror and rag, decorated many cute items like a skull with a ball gag! 
-the drawer unit with decoration
-Doors and sheet with bats and spiders :)
-A witch coat hook with coat, witch hat, broom and a whip of course
-A BDSM pillory with animations for both femdom and maledom
-a BDSM chair with both maledom and femdom cuddles, solo sits, sex and bdsm and many cute props and a worm carpet
A full set for a nice price is also available ♥

This is the group gift for my Fapple members:
Pumpkin Queen and King

Here some of the pictures of the making of...

zondag 16 september 2018

Fapple Picture of the Week

This week we start with the Fapple weekly picture contest, in the Fapple store at the entrance is a nice large frame, where I will put the winning picture for a whole week, the winning artist gets 3000L$.
Info about the contest:
How to apply:
1. Join the Fapple group
2. Like and Follow the Fapple Facebook page
3. Post your picture in the Fapple Flickr group pool here
- Your picture holds ONLY Fapple products (any) and the avatar(s) in it are using the poses in
the Fapple furniture
- Shadows and materials enabled are a +
- Interior pictures are a +
- Erotic pictures is ok, but no genitals or porn!
- You can enter 1 picture per week.
- Scar Requiem is the judge ♥

The week starts at Monday and the picture of the week hangs in the Picture of the Week frame at
the Fapple Store.
Payment to your avatar's profile on Friday.

A picture I have in the frame now from Naiike Pani who received her price this week without contest because chicken- egg- egg- chicken condition :D

donderdag 13 september 2018

The new Fapple!

As I keep making more and more items it became more and more difficult to cramp it all in my store and also having so much sets on such a small surface made it rather laggy and slow to load.
So I was thinking how to solve this and walls is the way to go, as what our camera does not see does not need to load. It has become almost like an Ikea manner, you just follow the pathway to look at everything 😉
The store is now more functional and also easy to expand! Which is needed with this big queue of ideas in my head.
Come take a look
I also added two new group gifts:

I also added two new returning 'events':
1. Giveaways on Facebook (this as a mean of marketing which I am not so good at), Comment and Share
One going now for the Endless Love Bedroom here:
Join and like the Fapple page here:
2. Picture of the week contest. I am always amazed with the very beautiful pictures people make of my items so I have a big frame at the entrance of the store and every week I will choose (well, Scar and me) the one we like the most and that one will be up for a week in the store and get 3000L$ as reward ♥ The notecard with the rules is in the Info button under the frame.

dinsdag 4 september 2018

Fapple- The Closet of D Set

New release at the Fapple Store and on the PocketShop HUD Sept 5th. The closet of D! Another addition for your house or skybox, a beautiful wooden closet filled from top to bottom with things we can't leave lingering around :P
The set included, the closet, a rubber carpet, a vase with twigs, a wooden trunk, a framed quote and a bondage chair. The chair has a few single, femdom and maledom animations and rlv capture.
In the menu you control as a dominant you can add ropes to the sub (and chair) so it looks really good ♥ there is also a blindfold and gag to add to the sub.
The set is copy and modify.

Some wips:

vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

Fapple- Puppy Love Dog House

Woof woof! A cute dog house for your doggy. Mesh, and texture HUD included, there is a version for human puppy with rlv capture and animations for the puppy and a smaller version for doggy avatars with no scripts or animations. Or you can resize the doggy house and use for as deco for mesh doggies.
Now for sale at the little building outside Fapple or on Fapple Marketplace Store

zaterdag 4 augustus 2018

PocketShop August 5: The Love Connection

For the new PocketShop Event I made a collection of new mesh collars with matching leash holders. You can buy on the hud but also at the Fapple store...
All the collars and leash holders are unrigged but nicely shaped to fit male and female mesh bodies, they are modify and the collar and cuff part are 1 mesh piece so very easy to fit.
Each collar and cuff comes with a texture HUD with 6 different textures.
Show off your love connection and wear matching collar and leash holder ♥

donderdag 26 juli 2018

The last of the Kokeshi Dolls: The Wedding Day

The last of the collection Kokeshi Dolls: The Wedding Day.
The whole collection sits in the Lucky Chair at The Fapple Tree Cafe (look on the DJ booth), activate
the Fapple group and when it is your letter, just click sit on the circle ♥
The chair is set at 2 min, so invite your friends and camp for the whole collection!

All original mesh work by me:

maandag 23 juli 2018

Important Update: Peanut 9 removed from Fapple Collars!

As I created the Fapple Collars in my search for the best scripts I was referred to Wendy Starfall and the Peanut 9 Update from the original OpenCollar scripts.
She explained me she had no interest in scripting for creators but would make an exception for me and get me this what felt like an 'exclusive' deal.

Wendy Starfall wanted 25% of all my collar sales, I agreed on that as it seemed a good deal at that moment. I payed her 25k Linden ahead for her work and time and as I believed at that time she was a single mom. Together with the already sold collars she received over 35k Linden from me.

Yesterday I got a message that she sells the same creator kit on the Marketplace for 500L.
When I complained to her I felt a bit ripped off I had an avalanche of the most vulgar insults ever in my ims. There was no possibility to talk this through as grown ups, so I decided to let it rest and that
hopefully she would see things more clear after a good night rest.

I have no problem with whatever kits she sells or not sells, I solely have a problem with me paying +35K L and others only 500L. While there is actually no difference whatsoever in my package and that on the marketplace.

This morning I logged in and she had remotely disabled my scripting package I payed so much money for, it deletes itself on rez and gives me this message:
[ ⚠ ] -- Your account is currently in bad standing or in review. All of your avatars must be in good standing in order to be eligible for using our services and proprietary content.

I can no longer script/update collars. My existing collars she has remotely adjusted to on rez advertise her Marketplace store. Which is against twice against the ToS. Once for remotely adjusting things I bought without having my consent (and that includes all of you wearing my collars) and second for advertising through remotely tinkering my collars without my consent (and this also includes all you not giving her consent to do this with a collar you wear).

No need to tell you I was very devastated, but the original people of OpenCollar have been very helpful and all for free this time. So Fapple Collars are updated to OpenCollar v7 and they work like a charm.
It is very important for me that all of you delete your collars and wear the new ones I am sending through the Casper update system. For this person I am a target now, and through the remotely tinkering with the scripts in the collars so are you and I do not want my customers to be in the middle of that.
All of Peanut 9 needs to be gone from Fapple as soon as possible.

Wendy Starfall added to the Peanut 9 update a no mod code to be able to tinker with collars remotely. This is against the ToS and it is sneaky and deceiving. His reason: verification data.
Wendy has used open source coding from the original OpenCollar people and claimed it as her work and monetized it. He has started dozens of hate campaigns against many individuals in Second Life.

My dad's lawyer will try to get Linden Lab to cooperate with him and reveal Wendy's rl identity so he
can be set straight in rl and for once stop these unfair practices in SL, where people think because they are anonymous they can get away with everything.

I ask of you to be supportive to the original OpenCollar people who still today work and update OpenCollar completely free, im me in world for an updater, ask your friends to update their collars too, and if you had/have any issues with updating I will help you in world ♥

woensdag 18 juli 2018

Fapple- Kama Sutra Gacha @PocketGacha

Presenting you the PocketGacha participation from Fapple: The Kama Sutra Gacha! ♥

I learned myself rigging a characters this month to be able to have these two dolls to make any pose I wanted:

I built a nice wooden collector cabinet for it (7 prims with all the clutter linked to it), the dolls have a nice ivory texture and are 2 prims (and mod if you want them bigger)
As always I added a copy/mod full set to Pocket Gacha if you want to buy a copy mod version.
Demo in Fapple tomorrow ♥
Hope you enjoy playing/trading/buying, I had a lot of fun making this ♥

woensdag 11 juli 2018

@ Fapple now Puppy Love Doggy Bed

Time to let out your inner puppy, or catch yourself a puppy or dig one out of your inventory. This mesh puppy bed works as deco item for all mesh pups, it also works for puppy avatars using their own ao animations, there is also a version with animations for human sized avatars.
Comes with texture HUD. For sale at Fapple or the Marketplace