vrijdag 18 januari 2019

Picture of the week - January 18th 2019

This week's picture of the week belongs to Blair Lockhearst who has beautifully showcased the Murderous Mermaid Bathroom Set! Check out their original picture on flickr here.

For your chance to have your picture be selected for Picture of the Week check out the info at the mainstore!

vrijdag 11 januari 2019

Picture of the Week - January 11th 2019

This week's picture of the week belongs to Gena Myrtle who is keeping us in the winter mood with the jingle balls frosty group gift and puppy love dog house!
For your chance to have your picture be selected for Picture of the Week check out the info at the mainstore!

Fapple Giveaway - Jan 11 - Jan 18th -

This week's Facebook Giveaway is the Forniphilia Set, which has both maledom and femdom versions. The set delivers two versions of the seat and lamp with 4 versions of the table (breakfast and wine). All original mesh and the usual Fapple high quality.

Time to give that extra bit of service and give up all control just being a pretty piece of furniture. Click on this facebook link and comment with your SL name, like the post and share it by next Friday (Jan 18th) when the three winners will be announced. Good luck!

maandag 7 januari 2019

#EndlessLove Christmas Card Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our #endlesslove Christmas Card Photo! We loved seeing everyone's pictures and it was very hard to choose just three. Check our out winners below!

Fapple Christmas Card Contest #EndlessLove

1st place - Ursula Floresby


2nd place - Darkyn Dover

Fapple Christmas Card Contest #EndlessLove

3rd place - Maitre Rich

zaterdag 5 januari 2019

New Skybox Teasers

Some work in progress pictures of the new skybox coming soon! There will be 3 versions: empty (for vanilla people), one with some kink, and a fully furnished version with lots and lots of kink! All three will be very detailed and high quality, as with all Fapple products!

Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook Page, Flickr, or inworld group for more information and announcement of the release date!



Picture of the Week - January 4th 2019

Our first picture of the week for 2019 belongs to Loquita Cyberstar! Featuring several of the older but still goodie Fapple sets including the Tolstoj set and the Rodion Set. She receives 3k lindens, a framed copy of her picture, and the picture will hang in a frame at the Fapple mainstore all week!

To be eligible to be selected as picture of the week make sure you're adding your Fapple ONLY pictures to the Fapple Flickr Group.

dinsdag 1 januari 2019

#Endlesslove Christmas Card Contest!

Endless Love is a romantic bistro and dance area @ Fapple and it recently got winterised for the season! To celebrate we are having a photo contest! All you have to do is visit Endless Love and capture a christmas card inspired picture. The contest is open from December 18th to January 4th. Please follow the rules below.
1. The photo MUST be taken at Endless Love.
2. The photo may include avatar(s) but no nudity or sex allowed.
3. The photo must have been taken between the contest dates - December 18th through January 4th.
4. You must name your submission Fapple Christmas Card Contest #EndlessLove
5. You must add your photo to the Fapple Flickr Group - www.flickr.com/groups/3088038@N25/
6. Only one submission per person.
The winners will be announced January 7th.
1st place winner will receive 10k lindens
2nd place winner will receive 5k lindens
3rd place winner will receive 2.5k lindens
Good luck and happy holidays!

vrijdag 28 december 2018

Picture of the Week - December 28th 2018

Our picture of the week belongs to Darkyn Dover.  Featuring several Fapple items including the recent Forniphilia set and the Closet of D. He receives 3k lindens, a framed copy of his picture, and his picture will hang in a frame at the Fapple mainstore all week!

To be eligible to be selected as picture of the week make sure you're adding your Fapple ONLY pictures to the Fapple Flickr Group.

vrijdag 14 december 2018

Jingle balls, jingle balls...

Free for all the Fappers ♥ At the Fapple store...
Thank you all for your support, for liking and buying my stuff. Wishing you all naughty holidays with lots of warmth, love and happiness ♥

zondag 2 december 2018

Winter arrived at Fapple...

I know it is early, but I wanted it out of the way so I can focus on my skyboxes!  Here are some pictures of our 3 Fapple winter areas..
First the store:

And then The Fapple Tree, I have put Lev to work in the bar and closed the coffee bar as I do not want the Union on my back by letting him work in the freezing cold. Many complains he is a lazy bartender but at least he tells jokes! (im him and ask for joke)

And last but the most exciting, Endless Love... Here you can come to romantic dance but also have dinner inside, all tables can serve dinner for 4, so maybe an idea for your Holiday plans ♥
Only for Fapple members so never too crowded... your #1 spot for a romantic date ♥

Enjoy and explore ♥

vrijdag 30 november 2018

New at Fapple: Forniphilia...

Or you like to be a chair or a table.. or a lamp!
New at Fapple ! The set comes with 4 different pieces: leather seat (animation for sub and menu for Master and Mistress). All pieces come in an adjustable version for male sub and female sub, in other words fits for everyone...
As always the usual Fapple quality: original mesh with low LI and high LOD, perfect texturing and quality animations.

Santa Sales ♥ Ho ho hooo!

This Gacha from last year Christmas now the Full Set copy/modify for a very small price! @Fapple Store

vrijdag 9 november 2018

Anna is looking for a puppy...

Want to be my dog?

I am looking for a submissive companion who will play my dog...

This means in SL:
-you wear the Red Romora avatar with Jack Russell mod (I will buy it for you)
-you don't talk in local chat but do your utter most best to emote and use the HUD to bark, sit and do all
the cute things puppies do to make me smile and swoon at least twice in an hour
-when I am not online you often spend time at the Fapple store, bark at my customers, entertain them with
lots of cuteness
-your fetish is to be a dog and to lay at my feet or on my lap and be quiet while I work
-you live in my sim and have access to everything
-you will never ever say, rp or even think something sexual while being my dog (I instantly drown and ban you), this means around me but also in other places being a dog.
-at times you will wear a human avatar to help me with avsitter stuff for my furniture making
-at times you will be a piece of furniture
-you try your best to please me and I will give some training but it does not mean I am going to entertain
you when you try to be a brat, you are a good puppy, if not I kick you out.

-you can be an alt, so you can be someone, something else when I am offline or too busy

This means in rl:
-male (can be straight or gay), preferably older
-you are not needy, you have a stable personality and no disorders that could become a problem being my dog
-you are not looking for sex in SL
-you are smart and can hold intelligent conversations about politics, science, history, books, news etc when I am in the mood to talk with you ooc in ims or in voice
-you are a loyal friend and you keep our conversations and my business stuff for yourself

What is in it for you?


Well, you gonna be the most loved and spoiled puppy in the world ♥

(1 month trial then official collaring)

Write a few sentences in a notecard why you would be my perfect dog and drop it on my profile...

maandag 5 november 2018

This week Fapple Giveaway: The Murderous Mermaid Bathroom

Once upon a time there was a mermaid with a strange tendency... want to find out? Go to the Fapple FB Page and Comment with your SL name, Like & Share and win this 31 piece perfect mesh bathroom in copy/mod version! Perhaps this Friday you are one of the 3 lucky ones hanging... I mean laying in this pretty bath tub!
Go here for detailed description of the bathroom ♥

zondag 21 oktober 2018

The Love Connection, another set... Kawaii

I made another texture set for The Love Connection Collar and Leash Holder: Kawaii ♥
Available at the Fapple store and on Marketplace 

maandag 1 oktober 2018

By popular demand: the kitty bed ♥

Some time ago I made the cute doggy beds which are loved by many (ty ♥) and may of you asked me, make a cat bed, kitty bed, or change the textures so it works for cats too.
I decided to alter the doggy bed a bit, remove the doggy toy and bone and add a little mouse and a ball of yarn and made some similarly cute textures.
The bed is high quality LOD mesh and texturing (hud included) and has a LI of 4 to 14 depending on the size you make it.
There are two versions in the package: one human size kitten bed that has AVsitter menu with cute kitty animations and a version with no animations to use for small cat avatars or mesh pets.
The bed is modify so you can make it fit for every kitten ♥
The kitty bed is available in the Fapple store or on Fapple Marketplace

donderdag 27 september 2018

Halloween at Fapple ♥!!

Now for sale at Fapple store: A Halloween set that you can keep after Halloween because the decoration works through out the whole year. The set is modify and copy and holds:
-the mantelpiece with mirror and rag, decorated many cute items like a skull with a ball gag! 
-the drawer unit with decoration
-Doors and sheet with bats and spiders :)
-A witch coat hook with coat, witch hat, broom and a whip of course
-A BDSM pillory with animations for both femdom and maledom
-a BDSM chair with both maledom and femdom cuddles, solo sits, sex and bdsm and many cute props and a worm carpet
A full set for a nice price is also available ♥

This is the group gift for my Fapple members:
Pumpkin Queen and King

Here some of the pictures of the making of...