zaterdag 9 september 2017

Is Femdom irrelevant?

Shortly after I got invited at Romp, I got this message:
[2017/07/22 18:44]  Voshie Paine: (Saved Sat Jul 22 17:35:11 2017)Hiyas, I would like to personally invite you to the upcoming October edition of the subscription box, Bound.  It is a box that is geared towards the BDSM/Kink community and we thought you would be a great addition.  We have sent you a notecard with more information and if you should have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me.  We look forward to hearing from you in the hopes you will join us!
[2017/07/22 18:46]  -  ̗̀ Anna   ̖́- Vale: ty Voshie ♥

Fapple is purely Femdom, everything I make is geared towards a submissive man and a female dominant. As that is what my D/s is based on and the main reason why I started making items in SL.
I also explain that to the people who invite me to their event as I want to stay loyal to the reason why I make Femdom items, not to make big money out of it.

Yesterday I got the kiosk package from Bound Box, and it is a huge statue of a female body without a head holding the box. It is no modify and also full bright. So I ask the avatar Bound Box if it is possible to have just the box without the body as a kiosk for my store. 
He/she asks why, so I explain I am a Femdom store, this is no modify, it is huge and I do not want to display female submission in my store. 

She/he has to ask her partners. For this event I am making a slave/sub/pet bed, it can be used by female/male/pet doing an effort to make all the people who buy the box happy as they do not know what they will get at the moment they buy the box. 
In the meanwhile I figured out, I just drag the script out of the kiosk and make my own box, problem solved.

But the Bound Box avatar had no peace with this, if I do not set out the kiosk we have to part ways and I will miss out on making a lot of money.

Well, dear Bound Box, I do not sell my skin, I am in Second Life to live it the way I want to, I respect everyone's ways to live their Second Life, it is the beauty of this virtual world that everything is possible. On land where I pay the fee however my rules are in place, I do not care if you gonna buy 1 million of my objects or lay at my feet, in my place females are superior and focused on their inner Goddess. A huge headless naked woman body in weird ropes does not fit there. 

Bound Box told me that Bound Box is about BDSM and no one ever was offended by their statue. I should have checked the statue in their head quarters before applying. Again, you invited me, I did not apply, I told clearly, Fapple is purely Femdom. 

My box was deleted and I was ejected from the group. 

Right at that very moment a 3m male avatar comes in with his female slave, both Gor profile. He hangs her in my Devi tree and stands tall looking at her. I move and tell him this is a Femdom store, the furniture is geared towards F/m. He tells me it is irrelevant. He buys what he wants to buy and uses it the way he wants, and btw the tree looks good but does not have enough animations. 
(I am sure it misses one to stuff his giant prim genitals in whatever available) 
I tell him that I made this tree to honor a Lady who survived cancer and that it portraits her strength and courage, that it has nothing to do with lust driven apes and their over-sized genitals.
And poof he was gone.

Is Femdom irrelevant in Second Life? Is Dominance something to be smirked about as some phase we go through till we find the 'right' guy to teach us our place? 
Are my rules to be ignored by male dominants? Not valid enough?
What if we as women would wander the Second Life and mock male dominants? 
I am boiling a little inside my chest, more than ever driven to enforce my own ways on my place on the grid. 


maandag 4 september 2017

The (not so gentle) woman's valet at TMD (oh and one for the boys too :P)

The end result for the gentleman's valet, it has a few animations and a lot of poses to make your pictures! Comes with texture HUD as always ♥

The end result of the (not so) Gentlewoman's valet (flexes proudly) 

I added flowers to the shoes to enhance the princess effect and anything Fapple can't be just shoes right?
Bend the knee and worship them, boy!

The female valet in progress, I actually just Duplicated Special the male valet, thinking of how one would place that in the bedroom (like one each side?) The dress and the Hanger, first time I played with nConstrain component to component (have those vertexes of both items lined up) and then nCloth animation to make that dress hang like a queen ♥ I just got so excited about this I had to sing and dance in rl. (so excited about all I learn) 

The Maya dude I put there so I had a good idea about proportions. The size of everything :D Sadly Maya has no kneeling men in Bipeds :D  The wooden part of this valet is pretty straight forward and easy. The leather belts are easy too, make one duplicate the other 3. The most hard part for me was the shoes. And because of this reason: You special duplicate something and it actually reverses the normals, but as a noob you have no idea, it looks good  and the lambert texture gives you the idea all is well. Then you try to upload it in SL and it gives you this error it can not parse the dae file and you try and try and try...
And the reason was exactly these reversed normals, so to fix that in the Mesh Display window, you need to change the default settings and check Reverse user normals. The time it took me before I got it, (insert curse here) 
But all is good now, so if you make mesh for SL these are a few things that help a lot:
Freeze transformations, check the normals, always always Delete History, export the item as an obj file, import again and then export as dae (always fixes the weird ♥)

dinsdag 22 augustus 2017

The group gift!

Your favorite plastic man now connected by a leash to your other favorite man πŸ˜‹
Works with all collars/gadgets working with Opencollar.
There is a priority 6 Bento handpose for your hand (your bento ao can interfear
just re-attach!) 

Found on the counter in the Fapple store and touch with your Fapple group activated!

dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Romp item #3: The not so glory hole

The not so glory hole has 1 animation to grab the submissive (AV control) and keep him locked with timer. The the menu let you choose between different penis props. There is a little speaker hanging on the upper left corner, just touch it and it plays a laughter sound and then stops. The not so glory hole is no modify because of the props (sizing and offset) so I added 3 different version for different lengths.

The hud πŸ’—

This was fun to make! The cabin itself is fairly easy. The penisses took me a while to make one
that looked good (do they ever?? 😜) But made me chuckle a lot! 

Romp item #2

The Mistress lounger, comes with texture HUD, to mix and match, leaving you with many options, also when you choose the white silk or white cotton texture, you can recolor it yourself. 
Comes with many cute props, 4 animations menu, Mistress solo and Sub solo (you can access through Control menu) you can mix and match to make it fun, a cuddle menu and then some Adult. 
Also a surprise prop πŸ˜‰, very funny and hot! (for him at leastπŸ˜„)
There is one at the Demo area at romp for you to try out!

The lounger was fairly easy to make, with duplicate special, magic!!!
The pillow you can see how I shaped the squares, when all was done I used nCloth
to drop the pillow on the lounger and give it that more natural look 

Romp #1

Romp opens it's door again on August 11 and yay I am part of it!
I made 3 items and I will introduce to you in 3 different posts:
#1 Bank Control!

The piggy in SL, it comes in 3 versions: just deco, tip jar and donations box. 
Those have both a mod script so you can adjust to your needs. The piggy is copy and mod!

Little piggy wearing a harness, a ball gag and a butt plug πŸ˜„
The piggy was fairly easy to make starting from a ball, drag it to egg form a bit.
The harness ugh lol, but I am happy with the way it looks,
the thin straps make it look like the piggy is extra fat πŸ’—

zaterdag 29 juli 2017

The Devi Tree

And this is the tree as it looks in SL. Textured, materials and spec enabled. It has 5 animations to hang subs in the tree, capture with AV control rlv enabled. You can move the subs around by using the SWAP button. The Devi Tree is only for sale at the Official Relay for Life vendor in my store. it costs 490L$ and 100% goes to Relay for life. That is why the tree has a little pink ribbon ♥ 
You can buy or take a look at the tree and try it out at the Fapple Store

The progress of the tree in Maya, I did not combine the stock and the tree to allow for refitting or even removing it all together. The hardest part was the hanging rope :D

I have a friend in SL, her name is Devi Ashe and she is a rl cancer survivor. One of the most important things I learned from her is that even when you face the worst, when death knocks on your door repeatedly, you still can choose to be brave and graceful, strong and courageous and be a light in other people's life. She is healed now and I built this tree as a symbol for her strength. 
Her boy Eric was the one who made a drawing that became the base model for the tree.

maandag 17 juli 2017

UV unfolding...

One of the most annoying things in Maya learning, this tutorial quickly and easily explains everything about unfolding and layout of UVs in Maya ♥

Camp Snoopy RLV Cage

Made different metal colors for the cage and also the carpet colors adjustable with HUD, the name
plate also has an on touch texture change to change the name, it has many different nicknames/insults depending on your mood :D

Simple metal pet cage. With small carpet on the bottom and a drink bowl hooked in. Built after a rl picture :)  With padlock. Added name tag above the door.

zondag 9 juli 2017

Stuff I make that is not for sale...

Trying things is the best way to learn....

This is what the cage table looked like at first, because it is round to hold an avatar, it had to be much larger than I expected, so I restarted and then made the one in wood. Maybe in the future I can rethink this one. A heart plate with cherries. Also did not make it to SL :D

This is my ring, it actually looks awesome in world, I made the diamond separately to be able to use an animation on the texture, so it looks like it is sparkling. 

This I made for someone who gives classes In Core Values, she needed it for her graduating students. 
Looks cool in SL too :D


This video covers the fundamentals of topology. It discusses the use of topology, as well as the use of poles. Then it continues on to go over the use of the use of loops in topology, as well as how to create, control, and remove them. If you ever wanted to learn how to create good topology for your models, this is how to learn exactly that. 

Tidy and Tight!

The cage table has rlv capture and timelock. The tray with cacti comes free :D

also comes with texture HUD of course, 12 cages for your money! :D

This is very easy to make with the Duplicate special :D
The metal loops and padlock I recycled from my Cunnilingus chair :)

Mistress Chair

This chair has a many single sits for the Mistress and also one for the sub (controllable by the Mistress) with a lot of nice props, a cuddle menu and a play menu. What was important for me was the fact that no matter what position I put my sub in I can still sit my avatar the way I want. 
Gives a lot of mix and match :D 

The washboard for sub to kneel on, find it in the sub solo menu :)

Made a texture HUD for this one too ♥

The Mistress Chair, made the drawer to go with the tool box, used extrude. Both Pillows
tapered cubes and then with nCloth dropped on the wooden base. Probably used too much smoothing, but even after softening edges I could still see edges in the pillows after upload in Second Life.

vrijdag 7 juli 2017

The 3 most important settings in Maya!

Auto-save! Incremental saving! Infinite undo! This video shows you how to set all of these things up in Maya 2016. If you're going to be using Maya then you really need to get these set up properly to save you tears and self harm later.

How to learn Maya?

I have not followed classes to learn Maya, I have watched YouTube thousands of hours and it took me about 6 months to learn it good enough to upload to Second Life. This one is a very good one to start:

dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Always Prepared Tool Side Table

The table all done with different textures hud :)

Can you tell I love hearts? 

The tool table :)  Using boolean to make holes in the gag ball strap, it seemed so easy, but then soon I found out the topology of the strap did not match the cylinders and on my texture bake this gave me very ugly results. We learn best by making many mistakes :)

Make my heart glow

The lamp has a HUD to change the wood and the texture of the heart itself, the coloring of the light matches the color of the heart. Romantic ♥

Wit this heart lamp, I used an image map using the front view lay out panel to make the shape of the heart. The next challenge was using create a curve and then use extrude to make the power cord.
In the snapshot, the iron cuffs on chains are still in progress. Added this to balance the cuteness of the heart with the kinky of the cuffs ♥

maandag 19 juni 2017

The cushion for your favorite sub ♥

Added a lot of nice hq single sit animations and cute props to make it a fun cushion to use

For this cushion I made the leather texture in grey tones and a color change hud that allows you to choose any color you want... same for the little heart :)
Can you tell I like colors? 

The first experience with nCloth in Maya, took me a while to figure it out, but so satisfying to watch :P  Added the little heart to express your lovin to your submissive ♥

vrijdag 9 juni 2017

The Cunni Chair

Took me about 2 weeks to make this chair from scratch, Dann posted the cartoon picture on my blog and it made me giggle. It was my first project (not easy as a start lol). Dann made the sitting animation for the sub and the standing one for the Domme. The rest I had to buy full permissions. 
When I shop one of the things I dislike is having to buy an item in different colors, so I make a texture for my items so you get all the looks for the same price :D

This was my first completed mesh item... Had to break it up in two to upload as I had no idea
how to work with more materials and different level of spec for Second Life
Now I bake ambient occlusion map for Photoshop and make the diffuse, normal and specular map all in Photoshop :D