woensdag 18 juli 2018

Fapple- Kama Sutra Gacha @PocketGacha

Presenting you the PocketGacha participation from Fapple: The Kama Sutra Gacha! ♥

I learned myself rigging a characters this month to be able to have these two dolls to make any pose I wanted:

I built a nice wooden collector cabinet for it (7 prims with all the clutter linked to it), the dolls have a nice ivory texture and are 2 prims (and mod if you want them bigger)
As always I added a copy/mod full set to Pocket Gacha if you want to buy a copy mod version.
Demo in Fapple tomorrow ♥
Hope you enjoy playing/trading/buying, I had a lot of fun making this ♥

woensdag 11 juli 2018

@ Fapple now Puppy Love Doggy Bed

Time to let out your inner puppy, or catch yourself a puppy or dig one out of your inventory. This mesh puppy bed works as deco item for all mesh pups, it also works for puppy avatars using their own ao animations, there is also a version with animations for human sized avatars.
Comes with texture HUD. For sale at Fapple or the Marketplace

dinsdag 10 juli 2018

Fapple presents Puppy Love

Hi Fappers, I am adding a little store to the sim called Puppy Love, this is my own brand and is therefor also Fapple :)
The first batch I made is an assortment of mesh collars, leather with a texture hud that allows for 8 different colors.
Wendy Starfall scripted the Peanut 9 OpenCollar update special for the Fapple collars, so very happy with that!
You can see all 12 of them in world here or on the Fapple marketplace
Here a little preview:

zondag 24 juni 2018

Fapple presents for her members: Endless Love ♥

I have put another parcel on Elite Domination to good use! For Fapple members only: Endless Love, a romantic dancing place for couples of all variety. A beautiful stream with slow music plays, the Intan dance ball is loaded with over 100 couple dances, the best I could find on the grid, the windlight of Battlescars adds romantic color for your pictures.
There are also cuddle benches on the dance floor or you can sit on the pier and chat.
Inside is a bar, with many drinks available, Raphi will be there often to serve drinks.
You can come with your lover, your friends, dance or just sit and chat.
The tables have eat and drink options, so you can spend a romantic night here ♥
Teleport here 

vrijdag 15 juni 2018

PocketGacha June tomorrow: Angel Oak living room set gacha

By request I have extended the set from the Angel Oak Skybox with some items that fit in the skybox but also in your living room :D
Now at PocketGacha June, this is included: 
1. Arch with gem stone curtain (I animated the texture, so they twinkle nicely), 3 of them in the box, they are modify, so you could remove the wood and hang it in your own doorway
2. A book shelf with glass doors (has all my favorite books in it!)
3. Sub hook (look at the picture, no idea what would be the right word in English! It's a pole/hook to hang up your sub, different sub animations and cuffs and particle chains :P
4. Wine cart :D
5.Steam Punk fire place
6. Standing Lamp 
7. Kneeling Lamp :P
8. Side Table
9. Two nice rugs
10. A coffeetable
11. A vase with tulips ( so love them!)
12. An cigar on an ash tray
13. A cute sub pillow with kneel animations
14. A poof with a book and a blanket
15.A standing clock
16. A sofa with multiple seats (can hold 3 Dommes and 3 subs!)
17. The rare: the sofa with blanket and cushions, has the Kabuki bento cuddles and solo sits...
As always the set is for sale in copy/mod too ♥
Will make a Texture HUD for the sofa's this week for my Fapple members!!

dinsdag 22 mei 2018

Kokeshi Doll- Bathing Ritual (8/9)

Here is Doll #8 of 9, Bathing Ritual, mesh and only 1 prim to add to your collection.
Available at the Lucky Chair (thingy at the dj booth) at The Fapple Tree for Fapple members
Chair is set to 2 min only, so bring your friends, activate the Fapple group and grab this Kokeshi Doll tonight ♥

zondag 6 mei 2018

Angel Oak Tree BDSM Skybox, detailed review!

As participants in the event 6 Republic we had to choose an American State, as a non American it was not that obvious what to choose as I feel no connection than friends. After some research I was inspired by the Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina, a tree that old has something magic and what if it could the stories of the people that lived and died around it. 
And Fapple would not be Fapple so I spiced it up with BDSM themed items.
The scenery has the tree and water, terrain, grass and perimeter trees to create a spatial feeling. The subtle sound effects add to the realism. This is the first tree I created and dayum, I first wanted the name the skybox the 1000 times tree (yes, that bad!)

The leaves I did on simple mesh planes as to make it the Maya way it would be too much to upload in SL. I also scripted the tree so the leaves are slightly moving, soft enough to work with the sound, but not that you get dizzy :P 

Then the buildings... well perhaps buildings is not the right name, more a structure of platforms..

A Gazebo like top, with stairs and two other platforms, a smaller one to use as landing spot, and a bigger one that can be the hang out... the gazebo I made for the throne, sit high and important like a true queen or king :P

The most fun item (imo) is the water wheel, you can catch 3 submissives on it (avsitter capture and rlv), did my best to make the water look as realistic as possible (1000 tries water :P)

The throne! As usual comes with texture hud to change the velvety fabric. First time I made carvings, using a picture of real furniture and using quad draw. (learned @YouTube, ty zmax guru!)
The chair holds Avsitter engine with both Maledom and Femdom menu (also the new Bento cuddles from Kabuki ♥) cute props so a lot of fun!

Same as the throne but a more simpler version (same options tho) to put down for example at public places and to have some variations :)

The cage! Has a menu (sit and stand and kneel) for the submissive, also rlv capture and time lock!
In the tree hangs another cage, with a kneel animation, has also rlv capture...

The Angel Oak frames :) With weird people! Now this: If you want those frames to have your own pictures contact Namida Giulia in world!

The air balloon chandelier! Subtle candlelight!

The mesh rugs!

Side table with flogger and coffee set...

The tribute stand (scripted as a donation box)... 

All available at 6 Republic from today at 10 am SLT, teleport here for the Fapple Booth.
There is a demo at the Fapple Store too!
Enjoy ♥

zaterdag 5 mei 2018

Fapple @ 6 Republic: The Angel Oak Tree BDSM Skybox

Based on the Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina, 600 years of stories, children who played on his branches, lovers who carved their names in hearts in his trunk, people who found comfort under the soft whispering of his leaves and even the ones who died under this tree...
With this skybox you can write your own story, beautiful scenery, the tree is softly animated and the sound effects add to the realism.
Hang your subs on the water wheel for some water torture, sit on your throne and let them serve you,
but I will let the pictures speak for itself!
For sale from May 6 at 6 Republic  and you can see the demo at Fapple too ♥
Tomorrow I will post some more info ♥