donderdag 11 januari 2018

PocketGacha 15 January; The Rodion Gacha

Based on the book Crime and Punishment- Dostoevsky, a warm wood and leather set, bringing your dungeon or play room to whole other level. As always all items are my own unique mesh creations and my own textures, delivering high quality to your home ♥
All items are modify and no copy. The cage and pillory drawers have an animation for a submissive and AVsitter RLV capture, the chair and the pommel have a solo and M/f and F/m menu including RLV and capture. I will post more details tonight as this is my first time @PocketGacha.
Demo at the Fapple store
Get the free HUD here

zaterdag 6 januari 2018

@TMD: The Casanova Shelf

Happy New year all, the first item now for sale @TMD The Casanova Shelf, from popped cherries and broken hearts to the Womanizer Bible, a must have for the real Casanova!
High LOD and detail and only 11LI ♥

Something new I learned, make the cherries (and hearts) fall in the jar in a very natural manner with Bullet :D Fun, fun, fun (I mean once you figured it out :P)

dinsdag 2 januari 2018

The Gentle Femdom

As promised The Gentle Femdom in pictures (done by Namida Giulia), you can visit here 

woensdag 27 december 2017

Happy Holidays ♥

2017 closes for us at Fapple with some exciting changes, I picked up Kinbaku and it sits safely folded in my inventory. For those of you who want Nami made a beautiful album. The Fapple store is rebuild and now has his own little town square. My other store Just Gigi is there, Millie's new store Short Leash opens soon, Namida opens a new photo studio and Dann will open an animations/pose store...
The Gentle Femdom and Puppy Park moved in with us and is finalized, I will make an extended post and pictures about it and we keep you posted on the opening date. 
The Center for Mindfulness is up and running, we do daily meditations and in January a new cycle of workshops starts.
This morning I sent out the group gift, will repeat the process again and with this sending you all warm holiday greetings and all the best for the New Year ♥

A little mesh Buddha that on touch plays a bell sound and gives you a random Buddhist quote ♥

woensdag 20 december 2017

Just Gigi- Shoe Candy

Here they are... Have fun being creative, linking them together and wear them in your hair, on your shoes, your jewelry and your clothing...
Copy, mod, unrigged mesh, need basic knowledge using building tools to adjust, resize or recolor and link if needed. ♥

zondag 3 december 2017

Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha at TMD

         14 different ones to choose from, all have solo and couple cuddles! Modify and Transfer.

Bean bags Bean bags Bean Bags ♥

woensdag 8 november 2017

Fapple 'Rompage'!

Friday Romp opens and Fapple is a sponsor this time! This means no queue for you, all who is in the Fapple group gets early access tomorrow !
Here a preview of the Fapple 'Rompage'!
Discounts on the vendors from 5 to 20% (the slave bed is -20% at Romp event!!!!) 

The slave bed, usable as bench too! In the well known high Fapple quality, unique and well made. Solo and couple animations, vanilla and bdsm, works for male and female subs. Copy and mod and as always a huge variation of mix and match textures on the HUD!

A set of two armchairs, one with blanket and pillow and one without, beautiful leather textures and wood, changeable with HUD, also modify so you can fine tune the colors to fit any house!
Christmas blanket included for the coming holidays! These chairs have a avsitter menu with cuddles, bdsm and sex for M/f and F/m and solo menu for Mistress, Master and subs, controllable and adjustable by the dominant. 

This statuette series is bdsm themed and based on the characters in Tolstoj's novel Anna Karenina,
each made with painstakingly details, yet they are low LI, they are sold separately and in Fatpack, the wooden castle shelf holds them all 6 and makes a beautiful collection for any home. They come in small and life size and are modify and copy, so you can use them in bdsm venues as full statues.
Fapple at it's best!

woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Added 2 more rewards to Kinbaku

The game is debugged and working nicely now (as far SL allows :P), I added two new rewards, so we have 3/10 atm, after you finish the game it will let you choose your reward in a button menu:

maandag 16 oktober 2017

Kinbaku The Game release!

We proudly present the release of Kinbaku The Game...

How it works:

You touch the Game Kiosk and you will get the instructions and a Game HUD, the hud has 50 quest buttons, clicking the first it will give you a hint where to look for a golden apple. When you found it, the apple asks you a question and when your answer is the right one, the button turns green.
All quests done you can return to the kiosk and get your reward. The first reward is this one:

All rewards will be unique and only available through playing the game. The first series will be 9 different Kokeshi doll scenes and ending with a collector shelf, all original mesh, high LOD, low prim and copy and mod. 

The lore book of Kinbaku gives you the background story, to immerse yourself in the scenery, touch the book at Avon's desk to get your own to read. The lore book is at the first golden quest apple.

To make the game easier to play and Kinbaku smooth to navigate, when you walk the gate the Kinbaku map will auto attach (make sure you click yes on the experience window, it allows you to use the map and the portals)

You are allowed to use the Fapple group chat for help, and when the beekeeper is around he might help you too ♥
This is the first release of the game and even though we tested thoroughly little bugs might pop up, be sure to send us your feedback ♥

woensdag 11 oktober 2017

The Femdom Hunt @ Fapple

Bound Love... a leash ring that tells a story ♥  Ready for you to pick up @ The Fapple Store...  The hint: A tree inside a store? Yes, this is only for the Dommes, but for subs there is a nice shirt for you along the wall of group gifts! Enjoy!
A HUD with 4 metals (gold, silver, copper and black) and 7 heart stones, making for 28 different rings in one 

Wrapping the chain around the heart...

woensdag 4 oktober 2017

Namida Giulia photosession of the Traveler's Set

Pictures of The Traveler's Set, available at The Men's Departement Oct 6. These pictures look so good ♥, take a look here at the full series! TY Nami ♥♥♥

maandag 4 september 2017

The (not so gentle) woman's valet at TMD (oh and one for the boys too :P)

The end result for the gentleman's valet, it has a few animations and a lot of poses to make your pictures! Comes with texture HUD as always ♥

The end result of the (not so) Gentlewoman's valet (flexes proudly) 

I added flowers to the shoes to enhance the princess effect and anything Fapple can't be just shoes right?
Bend the knee and worship them, boy!

The female valet in progress, I actually just Duplicated Special the male valet, thinking of how one would place that in the bedroom (like one each side?) The dress and the Hanger, first time I played with nConstrain component to component (have those vertexes of both items lined up) and then nCloth animation to make that dress hang like a queen ♥ I just got so excited about this I had to sing and dance in rl. (so excited about all I learn) 

The Maya dude I put there so I had a good idea about proportions. The size of everything :D Sadly Maya has no kneeling men in Bipeds :D  The wooden part of this valet is pretty straight forward and easy. The leather belts are easy too, make one duplicate the other 3. The most hard part for me was the shoes. And because of this reason: You special duplicate something and it actually reverses the normals, but as a noob you have no idea, it looks good  and the lambert texture gives you the idea all is well. Then you try to upload it in SL and it gives you this error it can not parse the dae file and you try and try and try...
And the reason was exactly these reversed normals, so to fix that in the Mesh Display window, you need to change the default settings and check Reverse user normals. The time it took me before I got it, (insert curse here) 
But all is good now, so if you make mesh for SL these are a few things that help a lot:
Freeze transformations, check the normals, always always Delete History, export the item as an obj file, import again and then export as dae (always fixes the weird ♥)