zondag 6 mei 2018

Angel Oak Tree BDSM Skybox, detailed review!

As participants in the event 6 Republic we had to choose an American State, as a non American it was not that obvious what to choose as I feel no connection than friends. After some research I was inspired by the Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina, a tree that old has something magic and what if it could the stories of the people that lived and died around it. 
And Fapple would not be Fapple so I spiced it up with BDSM themed items.
The scenery has the tree and water, terrain, grass and perimeter trees to create a spatial feeling. The subtle sound effects add to the realism. This is the first tree I created and dayum, I first wanted the name the skybox the 1000 times tree (yes, that bad!)

The leaves I did on simple mesh planes as to make it the Maya way it would be too much to upload in SL. I also scripted the tree so the leaves are slightly moving, soft enough to work with the sound, but not that you get dizzy :P 

Then the buildings... well perhaps buildings is not the right name, more a structure of platforms..

A Gazebo like top, with stairs and two other platforms, a smaller one to use as landing spot, and a bigger one that can be the hang out... the gazebo I made for the throne, sit high and important like a true queen or king :P

The most fun item (imo) is the water wheel, you can catch 3 submissives on it (avsitter capture and rlv), did my best to make the water look as realistic as possible (1000 tries water :P)

The throne! As usual comes with texture hud to change the velvety fabric. First time I made carvings, using a picture of real furniture and using quad draw. (learned @YouTube, ty zmax guru!)
The chair holds Avsitter engine with both Maledom and Femdom menu (also the new Bento cuddles from Kabuki ♥) cute props so a lot of fun!

Same as the throne but a more simpler version (same options tho) to put down for example at public places and to have some variations :)

The cage! Has a menu (sit and stand and kneel) for the submissive, also rlv capture and time lock!
In the tree hangs another cage, with a kneel animation, has also rlv capture...

The Angel Oak frames :) With weird people! Now this: If you want those frames to have your own pictures contact Namida Giulia in world!

The air balloon chandelier! Subtle candlelight!

The mesh rugs!

Side table with flogger and coffee set...

The tribute stand (scripted as a donation box)... 

All available at 6 Republic from today at 10 am SLT, teleport here for the Fapple Booth.
There is a demo at the Fapple Store too!
Enjoy ♥

zaterdag 5 mei 2018

Fapple @ 6 Republic: The Angel Oak Tree BDSM Skybox

Based on the Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina, 600 years of stories, children who played on his branches, lovers who carved their names in hearts in his trunk, people who found comfort under the soft whispering of his leaves and even the ones who died under this tree...
With this skybox you can write your own story, beautiful scenery, the tree is softly animated and the sound effects add to the realism.
Hang your subs on the water wheel for some water torture, sit on your throne and let them serve you,
but I will let the pictures speak for itself!
For sale from May 6 at 6 Republic  and you can see the demo at Fapple too ♥
Tomorrow I will post some more info ♥

dinsdag 17 april 2018

Another Fapple Photo Contest!

Hello Fappers,

PocketGacha April opened and The Murderous Mermaid Bathroom Gacha is the favorite of many of you (yay!) 
So new product means new Photo Contest!
The Contest starts today and ends May 10th 2018!

-How do you participate? 

Make a beautiful picture of the bathroom, avatars optional and 
name it  <any title>+MM Gacha Contest, add #FappleMMPhotoContest in the tags and add it to the Fapple Flickr Group Pool

What can you win?

The contest ends May 10th, then the jury (5 of us) will choose the winners. On May the 15th we will do a small award ceremony at the Fapple Gallery

The winnings: 
1st place: 10.000L$, gold award and framed version of your picture
2nd place: 5000 L$, silver award and framed version of your picture
3rd place: 3000L$, bronze award and framed version of your picture
4th place: 1500L$ and framed version of your picture
5th place: 1000L$ and framed version of your picture

The Rules:

-Your picture contains ONLY Fapple Murderous Mermaid Bathroom items and the windlight/color/light does not alter their 
looks too much (make it look good ♥)

- >Addition as there seems some confusion: You can add water, bubbles, mermaid tail, flood and other Photoshopped layers
that add to the story of the bathroom, you can NOT add items that are not Fapple, this includes
flowers/plants, underwear and towels or anything else 
This is a contest about the Fapple bathroom and nothing else-

- Avatars in the  image are allowed, but not the primary focus of the image, preferably using the animations in the
furniture, other animations allowed if it works in the context and adds to the story of the bathroom.
- If your picture showcases the adult/bdsm features of the bathroom in a more erotic way, avoid showing genitals
and keep it sexy, not vulgar.
- You can only submit 1 picture per person. 
- If you already submitted a picture in the group you want to add to the contest, simply add the name and tag and you 
are good to go
- Your picture is added to the Flickr Group Pool before May 10th

Any questions?
Contact  LittleBearStarr or Namida Giulia in world 

Thank you all for your support!
Anna, Nami, Bear

zondag 15 april 2018

Pictures of the Murderous Mermaid Gacha

Sharing with you the pictures my brother Namida Giulia made of the bathroom (Murderous Mermaid Gacha @ PocketGacha April). Awesome professional works as always, makes it look almost real like you could walk in and get in the tub :D

Fapple has a new Blogger Manager!

Officially introducing to you our new Blogger Manager, Littlebearstarr Resident. Most of you know Fapple uses the awesome Blogotex site to manage the bloggers but if you need help use the Chat function in Blogotex where you can contact Bear, or if you wish to speak to him privately, you may do so via Inworld (Littlebearstarr Resident) or through Facebook Messenger (Jacob Owen).
He will introduce some exciting new things for our bloggers, so keep a look out ♥

vrijdag 13 april 2018

New Kokeshi Doll for your Collection: Hard Work

Let's start the weekend of with a new Kokeshi Doll: Hard Work ♥
Available in the Lucky Chair at the Fapple Tree Cafe 
The chair is set at 2 minutes, so not too long a wait. Enjoy!

donderdag 12 april 2018

The Murderous Mermaid Bathroom @PocketGacha

April 15th PocketGacha opens a new round of pretty gachas and Fapple participates! Buy the free hud here and shop from your house ♥
Now an in depth look at the Murderous Mermaid Bathroom Gacha:

The Gacha key, 29 items and 4 of them are RARE. There is a demo at the Fapple Store so you can look at everything or try it out ♥

Here a close up of the wooden ceiling bdsm rack, it has rlv capture (avsitter) and poses for your sub only, hang him/her up as bath deco or upside down for some waterboarding or breathe play :D
The vintage wall tiles are 3 different ones, 2 have shadows (behind tub and side of tub) and one with no shadows to use where ever you want in your bathroom. 
A mermaid painting with beautiful materials to make it look like a real painting, the towel heater is a must for every bathroom and in theme the nautical lantern. 

Another rare is the bath tub, a hq mesh equipped with very pretty animations and the avsitter engine, when you touch the tap you can run the water, water or foam or both, as always Fapple delivers some cute props, this time bubbles and splashing water at each other, with sound effects :D The animation menu has solo wash for him and her, very sweet cuddles and some naughty... 
Also in the picture, the bath shelf, very detailed and soft candle light. Close to the tub a bath cart with bath products and towels to make it complete, to the left you see the toilet.
Again at Fapple standards ♥ with animations and sound effects (and a little funny surprise), above the toilet the toilet rolls stack, the toilet brush and the toilet roll shelf with butt wipes and air freshener.
To the right a peen man towel hanger and the red fluffy stool, also has some cute sit animation.

So proud of this: the aquarium sink, also a rare. When you touch the glass you have a button to rez the fishies. The sink also has animations, brush teeth (with ebrush prop with sound), wash hands and fix hair, works for both females and males. Above the sink, the sink shelf with products and electric toothbrush, above that the port hole mirror to stay in the theme...

The wall lights :D, and on top of the closet a small rubberplant with mermaid pot.

On the left the closet with more accessories and towels and another rare is the bdsm shower, when you touch the shower head you can make the water run, the shower comes with wash animations, couple animations, some adults but also some bdsm animations.Showering has a whole other dimension now :D

The water of the shower I made particles for the water to also splash up :D, the sound makes it extra real :)

The hanging bath robe on the left, the wooden shower math to have handy after showering, the towel rack and the laundry basket. 

And last but not least, the shell mobile with soft rotation and sound on touch and the vintage diving helmet, a nice collectible...
Don't forget I also sell the set copy and modify at the Pocket Gacha HUD and after. You can trade full sets and rares too buy dropping them in a folder on my profile.
I will organize another picture contest, so make sure you check the Fapple group notices ♥