vrijdag 15 juni 2018

PocketGacha June tomorrow: Angel Oak living room set gacha

By request I have extended the set from the Angel Oak Skybox with some items that fit in the skybox but also in your living room :D
Now at PocketGacha June, this is included: 
1. Arch with gem stone curtain (I animated the texture, so they twinkle nicely), 3 of them in the box, they are modify, so you could remove the wood and hang it in your own doorway
2. A book shelf with glass doors (has all my favorite books in it!)
3. Sub hook (look at the picture, no idea what would be the right word in English! It's a pole/hook to hang up your sub, different sub animations and cuffs and particle chains :P
4. Wine cart :D
5.Steam Punk fire place
6. Standing Lamp 
7. Kneeling Lamp :P
8. Side Table
9. Two nice rugs
10. A coffeetable
11. A vase with tulips ( so love them!)
12. An cigar on an ash tray
13. A cute sub pillow with kneel animations
14. A poof with a book and a blanket
15.A standing clock
16. A sofa with multiple seats (can hold 3 Dommes and 3 subs!)
17. The rare: the sofa with blanket and cushions, has the Kabuki bento cuddles and solo sits...
As always the set is for sale in copy/mod too ♥
Will make a Texture HUD for the sofa's this week for my Fapple members!!